First and foremost, my fabulous running buggy. I have a Thule Chariot Cross with the jogging kit, which converts it from a bike trailer to a running buggy. I started running with DD when she was exactly six months old and for the first year or so we also used the baby supporter to keep her comfortable. I absolutely love my Thule stroller. It’s easy to push single-handed, rolls beautifully on roads and paths and DD’s as happy in it now as she was as a little baby.

Toulouse city centre – looking up Allée Jean Jaurès towards the Médiathèque, 24th May 2020

Next up, my sports watch. I have a Garmin Forerunner 45S, which I am a little bit obsessed with. I’m not sure it’s always healthy to know how many steps you’ve walked in a day or exactly how much sleep you have (or have not!) got, but I do like to record all my runs and this watch has all the features I need (GPS, lap function, programmable with a specific work-out, pace zones and the like). Plus it’s waterproof and feels neat on my wrist.

Then shoes. I used to be a Saucony aficionado, but when I returned to running after three pregnancies I found their shoes a bit narrow. Since then, I’ve not found one brand that I love, so I usually take advice from the experts in the running shop and end up buying a different shoe each time! I’ve had Asics Dynaflyte, Mizuno Wave and Brooks Ghost to name a few. Right now I’m in Altra Torin zero-drop (in the pic below), which could be shaping up to be my new favourite…

If it’s dark out, then I run with my Petzl head torch. I just have a basic one as I don’t use it a lot. I recently did an awesome Ekiden (that’s a marathon distance as a 6-person relay, such good fun!) and my leg wasn’t until 8pm ish when it was pitch-black on parts of the winding city course. I was very grateful for the strong beam lighting my way!

Gloves are an essential part of my kit as my hands tend to suffer more from the cold when pushing the buggy. I’ve got a couple of pairs, sold as running gloves, but nothing special.

Finally, clothing. I am embarrassed to say that most of my running kit dates from 2009/2010 and has definitely seen better days! I did upgrade my sports bras at Intersport recently and also found some awesome cropped leggings (perfect fit, fun pattern, zipped key pocket) in the GoodMove range at Marks & Spencer – worth checking out. My little shorts and other hot-weather gear are usually from Decathlon. I’m going to need a new long-sleeved top this winter and possibly a showerproof jacket, so I will start dropping some hints for Christmas!

Parkrun de la Ramée, 3rd July 2021