Personal records

DistanceBest timeRace/year
5km18:30Boucle du Confluent – November 2021
10km38:19La Ronde de Ramonville – December 2021
10 miles1:03:45Sandy 10 – March 2012
Half marathon1:22:18Stevenage half marathon – November 2010
Marathon2:58:58Abingdon Marathon – October 2011


YearRaceTimePosition (overall female)
2010Virgin London Marathon3:04:50Top 100
2011Gloucester Marathon3:13:042nd
Virgin London Marathon3:08:55117th
Edinburgh Marathon3:02:4211th
Abingdon Marathon2:58:583rd
Luton Marathon3:09:332nd
2022Marathon de Montpellier3:11:304th (won €300!)
Marathon de Paris3:12:52142nd (out of 8387)
Marathon d’Albi3:13:052nd (+ regional champion)
Marathon de Poitiers-Futuroscope3:23:244th (with the buggy) (won €200)
Marathon de Nevers3:44:398th (with the buggy)
2023Marathon de Montauban3:17:205th (with the buggy)
Marathon d’Albi3:18:203rd (+ regional silver) (with the buggy)
Marathon du Médoc3:26:517th (1st in my category + ladies’ team gold)
Maraton de San Sebastian3:06:32

Buggy races

DateRaceMy timePosition (F)DD’s age
30/09/2018Tournefeuille half marathon1:37:245th11 months
03/03/2019Blagnac half marathon1:31:496th1 year 4 months
01/06/2019Cap sur Grenade 10kmDNF1 year 7 months
27/07/2019Parkrun de la Ramée21:301st1 year 8 months
15/09/2019Toulouse half marathon1:38:578th1 year 10 months
03/10/2020Les Foulées de Saint-Jean 10km41:333rd2 years 11 months
19/12/2021La Corrida de Noel de Toulouse 10km41:282nd4 years 1 month
06/03/2022Blagnac half marathon1:30:3610th4 years 4 months
29/05/2022Marathon de Poitiers-Futuroscope3:23:244th4 years 6 months
30/10/202210km de Castelginest41:221st !!4 years 11 months
27/11/2022Marathon de Nevers3:44:398th5 years
26/03/2023Marathon de Montauban3:17:205th5 years 4 months
30/04/2023Marathon d’Albi3:18:203rd5 years 5 months
14/05/202310.1km de Pouvourville48:504th5 years 6 months
04/06/2023Les Pins Just’à Pieds 10km41:261st !!5 years 7 months
19/11/2023Boucle des Côteaux (hilly 11km)50:211st !!6 years

Half Marathons

18/09/05New Forest1:44:08My first ever half, ran with my dad. I was only 22!
16/03/08Bath1:38:38My first of five Bath Halfs. Love this race.
08/03/09Milton Keynes1:27:31First ever time sub-90 (on my 26th birthday!) 
13/06/10St. Albans1:30:49
07/11/10Stevenage1:22:18PERSONAL RECORD. 2nd lady and silver medal in the County Champs.
06/03/11Bath1:23:0223rd lady. My best Bath Half.
12/06/11St. Albans1:26:45
06/11/11Stevenage1:27:392nd lady.
04/03/12Berkhamsted1:24:461st lady. Really enjoyed this one.
16/09/18Toulouse (TOAC)1:37:50First race back after six years off. Ouch!!
30/09/18Tournefeuille1:37:24WITH BUGGY (first ever race with the buggy in fact – absolutely loved it). 5th lady (Ist senior F)
03/03/19Blagnac1:31:49WITH BUGGY. 6th lady (1st senior F)
28/04/19Albi1:30:057th lady (2nd senior F).
15/09/19Toulouse (TOAC)1:38:57WITH BUGGY. 8th lady.
29/09/19Tournefeuille1:29:452nd lady. Vice-Championne d’Occitanie. First time sub-90 post-childbirth 🙂
20/10/19Toulouse Metropole1:28:319th lady.
01/03/20Blagnac1:30:016th lady.
06/03/22Blagnac1:30:36WITH BUGGY PERSONAL RECORD
23/10/22Tournefeuille1:25:315th lady (1st in my age category M1).
05/03/23Blagnac1:26:295th lady (1st in my category M1).
19/05/23Pont Rouge (Sérignan)1:28:004th lady (1st in my category M1).
22/10/23Tournefeuille1:24:163rd lady.